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    19 May

  1. A. Stavinskiy Cold dense matter at NICA

  2. A.Galoyan, V.Uzhinsky Coupling of UrQMD Model with Statistical Multi- Fragmentation Model

  3. A.Malakhov Asymptotics in Relativistic Nuclear Physics

  4. I.Meshkov NICA Project - Status and Plans

  5. J.Manjavidze On Phase Transition Signal in VHM Inelastic Collisions (ver 1)

  6. J.Manjavidze On Phase Transition Signal in VHM Inelastic Collisions (ver 2)

  7. M. Trusov Quark-hadron transitions in the Field Correlator Method

  8. P. Zarubin Physics potential of peripheral interactions of relativistic nuclei

  9. P.Senger ,Yuri Zaitsev CBM Physics at SIS100

  10. V. Toneev Heavy Ion Physics at NICA

  11. Yuri Zaitsev Status of FAIR

    20 May

  12. A. Maevskaya Feasibility of J/psi studies on SIS100

  13. A.Litvinenko Cumulative proton production in nuclei-nuclei collisions

  14. E. Kryshen Feasibility of hyperons measurements at SIS100

  15. E. Litvinenko The centrality determination for the NICA/MPD using the LAQGSM generator

  16. I. Vassiliev Muon simulations for CBM at SIS100

  17. I. Vassiliev Open Charm measurement in the CBM experiment at SIS-100

  18. I.Korolko The CBM Calorimeter system, SIS100 - SIS300

  19. M. Prokudin Reconstruction of chi_c at SIS100

  20. S. Kiselev Reconstruction of pi0 and eta mesons at SIS100

  21. S. Kiselev High pT physics with ECAL at SIS100

  22. V. Pozdnyakov Azimuthal correlations of hadrons with CBM at SIS100

  23. Yu. Murin Proposal for the experimental search of the nuclear analogue of the Prandtl-Glauert singularity effect with HADES-CBM sequence and with NICA-MPD setup

    21 May

  24. A. Ayriyan Two methods for ellipse fitting in the CBM experiment

  25. A. Ivashkin Projectile Spectator Detector for CBM at SIS-100

  26. A.Lebedev Global tracking for CBM

  27. A.Zinchenko Straw tubes in MUCH: current status of the simulation software

  28. E. Matyushevskiy SC dipole magnet for CBM

  29. E.Kryshen Status of MuCh software

  30. I. Kisel Event Reconstruction in STS

  31. M.Merkin Design and development of thin double side silicon microstrip sensors for CBM experiment

  32. S. Belogurov CBM Beampipe and STS - design considerations

  33. S.Lebedev Speed up of the ring recognition in RICH

  34. V. Mialkovsky High granularity straw prototype

  35. V. Zryuev R&D of fast gas area detectors for CBM

  36. Yu.Murin Results from the CBM-MPD STS Consortium in 2008 and plans for the years 2009-2010.

    22 May

  37. A. Akindinov Results of ALICE-TOF system construction, tests and commissioning. Development of new high-rate TOF systems for FAIR experiments and MVD(NICA).

  38. A.Semak R&D for the CBM TOF: influence of a MRPC gap construction on a detector rate capability

  39. G.Feofilov Delta-electrons suppression and the-Beam pipe for the NA61 at SPS

  40. O.Kochebina Analysis of some threshold phenomena in heavy ion collisions at RHIC and SPS in percolation string model

  41. Yu.Zaitsev Results of Workshop. Closing remarks.