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Natalia Dokalenko
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19 May 20 May 21 May 22 May

19 May



10:30 Coffee



Section 1. Chairman: A. Malakhov


11:00 A. Malakhov, JINR


11:10 R. Lednicky (JINR Vice-Director)


11:20 V.Kekelidze (LHEP-JINR Director)


11:30 Yu. Zaitsev, ITEP

Status of FAIR

11:40 I. Meshkov, JINR

NICA project - status and plans

12:10 Yu. Zaitsev, ITEP,

P.Senger (GSI, Darmstadt),Yu.Zaitsev (ITEP,Moscow)

Physics program of CBM at SIS100

Results of CBM SIS100 meeting in Darmstadt


Section 2. Chairman: Yu. Zaitsev


14:00 M. Trusov, ITEP

Quark-hadron transitions in the Field Correlator Method


14:30 A. Malakhov, JINR

Asymptotics in Relativistic Nuclear Physics

15:00 P. Zarubin, JINR

Physics potential of peripheral interactions of relativistic nuclei

15:30 A.Stavinsky, ITEP

Cold dense matter at NICA


16:00 Coffee break



Section 3. Chairman: P.Zarubin

16:30 V. Toneev, JINR

Heavy Ion Physics at NICA


17:10 J. Manjavidze, JINR

On the First Order Phase Transitions Signal in Multiple Production Processes

17:40 A. Galoyan, JINR

Coupling of UrQMD Model with Statistical Multi- fragmentation Model



20 May


Section 4. Chairman: A.Stavinsky


9:00 I. Vassiliev, Heidelberg Uni, GSI

Open Charm measurement in the CBM experiment at SIS-100


9:30 I. Vassiliev ( for A.Kiseleva, PNPI)

Muon simulations for CBM at SIS100


10:10 A. Maevskaya, INR

Feasibility of J/psi studies on SIS100


10:40 E. Litvinenko, JINR

The centrality determination for the NICA/MPD using the LAQGSM generator



11:00 Coffee break


Section 5. Chairman: A.Khanzadeev


11:30 E. Kryshen, PNPI

Feasibility of hyperons measurements at SIS100

12:00 V. Pozdnyakov, JINR

Azimuthal correlations of hadrons with CBM at SIS100

12:30 Yu. Murin, JINR

Proposal for the experimental search of the nuclear analogue of the Prandtl-Glauert

singularity effect with HADES-CBM sequence and with NICA-MPD setup

13:00 A.Litvinenko

Cumulative proton production in nuclei-nuclei collisions



Section 6. Chairman: I.Vassiliev


14:30 I.Korolko, ITEP

The CBM Calorimeter system, SIS100 - SIS300

15:00 M. Prokudin, ITEP

Reconstruction of chi_c at SIS100

15:20 S. Kiselev, ITEP

Reconstruction of pi0 and eta mesons at SIS100

15:40 S. Kiselev, ITEP

High pT physics with ECAL at SIS100


16:00 Coffee break


16:30 Chairman: Yu.Zaitsev

Physics&Simulation: working group meetings, general discussion



19:00 Dinner


21 May


Section 7. Chairman: V.Ivanov


9:00 I. Kisel, GSI

Event Reconstruction in STS


9:40 A. Ayriyan, JINR

Two methods for ellipse fitting in the CBM experiment


10:00 S.Lebedev, JINR, GSI

Speed up of the ring recognition in RICH


10:20 A.Lebedev, JINR, GSI

Global tracking for CBM


10:40 E.Kryshen, PNPI

Status of MuCh software



11:00 Coffee break



Section 8. Chairman: Yu.Zanevsky


11:30 A.Zinchenko, JINR

Straw tubes in MUCH: current status of the simulation software

11:50 V. Mialkovsky, JINR

High granularity straw prototype

12:20 V. Zryuev, JINR

R&D of fast gas area detectors for CBM


Section 9. Chairman: A.Kurepin

14:30 E. Matyushevskiy, JINR

SC dipole magnet for CBM

15:00 M.Merkin, SINP MSU

Design and development of thin double side silicon microstrip sensors

for CBM experiment

15:30 S. Belogurov, ITEP

CBM Beampipe and STS - design considerations


16:00 Coffee break

Section 10. Chairman: S.Sadovsky


16:30 Yu.Murin, JINR

Results from the CBM-MPD STS Consortium in 2008 and plans for the years


17:00 A. Ivashkin, INR RAS,

Projectile Spectator Detector for CBM at SIS-100


17:30 I. Korolko, ITEP

Status of ECAL for CBM


22 May

Section 10. Chairman: V.Ladygin


9:00 O.Kochebina, IP of St.-PSU

Analysis of some threshold phenomena in heavy ion collisions at RHIC and SPS in

percolation string model

9:20 G.Feofilov , IP of St.-PSU

Delta-electrons suppression and the-Beam pipe for the NA61 at SPS

9:40 A. Akindinov, ITEP

Results of ALICE-TOF system construction, tests and commissioning.

Development of new high-rate TOF systems for FAIR experiments and MVD(NICA)

10:10 A.Semak, IHEP

R&D for the CBM TOF: influence of a MRPC gap construction on a detector rate


10:40 Yu.Zaitsev, ITEP

Results of Workshop. Closing remarks.


11:00 Coffee